The birth of a child is certainly one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. For some, however, it is not only a moment of great joy and a prelude to the greatest adventure of their lives, but also the beginning of unpleasant ailments caused by pregnancy and childbirth.

After pregnancy it is time to take care of yourself

Many new mothers do not accept their changed figure after giving birth. Pregnancy is a test of a woman’s true flexibility – and not just in the figurative sense of the word. While changes in the reproductive organs reverse during the post-partum period (6-8 weeks after the birth), changes that have occurred in the entire body can last for up to a year.

If we take into account that the age of mothers at the moment of giving birth to their first child is constantly increasing (according to the CSO report „Marriages and fertility in Poland” in 2013, the average age was slightly over 29) and the number of first births is increasing in the 30-34 age range, we can assume that women will find it increasingly difficult to return to their pre-pregnancy shape – the more mature the skin is, the more resistant it is to treatments.

After pregnancy, there comes a point when many women, while taking care of their figure, would like to improve their appearance more clearly and if they were not satisfied with a certain part of their body, they are now willing to change it.

In the first instance

After pregnancy and childbirth, however, women first correct those defects that disrupt and change their lives. These are most often:

  • vulvar and perineal varicose veins,
  • lowering of the perineum,
  • enlargement of the vaginal vestibule and vaginal entrance,
  • vaginal prolapse,
  • urinary incontinence.

In the first instanceThe development of these problems is connected with the influence of hormones during pregnancy (varicose veins) and the course of the birth (excessive stretching of the vaginal circular muscles, damage to the pelvic floor muscles, damage to the vulvar nerve, etc.). Particularly after natural childbirth, aesthetic defects may occur which significantly reduce the quality of life and are accompanied by dysfunctions, e.g. in the quality of sexual life.

Surgical methods can correct perineal and vaginal anatomy not only in more complex procedures, but also in procedures carried out under local anaesthesia in an outpatient setting, such as reducing the width of the vaginal entrance.

Among other things, revitalisation of the labia minora and vagina after childbirth is carried out using lasers, and urinary incontinence is also treated.

Aesthetic considerations

For aesthetic reasons, ladies after childbirth most often correct: abdomen, scar after caesarean section, breasts, thighs.

After pregnancy, the abdomen is the most exposed to the change of shape, as it undergoes the greatest transformation.

Performing aesthetic procedures after childbirth as a result of caring for one’s appearance should not be underestimated. The improvement of body aesthetics increases self-esteem and positively changes the psyche. It gives strength, allows you to enjoy life and approach new responsibilities with joy.