Are babies born by caesarean section different from those born naturally?


Does a caesarean section make a child different from its natural born counterpart? Mums have different opinions on this. We will not reconcile them, but we will show you the facts about babies born by caesarean section. Read how they differ from babies born naturally.

A caesarean section is not a natural way to come into the world. It does not mean that it is worse or less healthy – just different. Every birth, whether natural or operative (i.e. by caesarean section), plays a significant role in shaping the newborn baby at the start of its life.

It is no wonder that a baby born by caesarean section is different from a baby born by birth. How? We already explain.

What does a caesarean section look like?

Here is a little „cesarean” – a newborn baby who is born differently than nature planned. There can be many reasons for a caesarean birth (e.g. heart defects in the mother, baby too big for the size of the pelvis), but let’s assume that this birth was planned because the baby was not positioned correctly.

The woman arrives at the hospital at a certain time, usually on the due date (the decision on the date of the caesarean section is taken by the doctor, who systematically examines the future mother and performs her ECG) and from the moment of putting on the shirt to the birth will pass probably an hour, maximum two hours – and she will already be a mother.

Birth by caesarean section involves cutting through the abdominal layers and the uterus and taking the baby out. Yes, yes, out. Neither you nor the baby are involved in the birth. You do not feel any contractions and you do not have to push for the baby to be born, and the baby does not have to make the short but very difficult journey through the birth canal, but waits for the doctor’s hands to carry him to the other side of the abdomen.

What does a caesarean section look like

You are under anaesthesia and can only feel the gynaecologist’s hands working on your abdomen. You do not see the operation itself. Neither does your dad, who cannot cut the umbilical cord during this birth (unlike a natural birth).

A caesarean section is an operation that has to take place under very specific conditions. Your abdomen is covered by a special screen placed at chest level. So you cannot see the birth but you can still talk to the doctors. When the neonatologist approaches the obstetrician, it is a signal that the baby is about to come into the world.

Because after cutting the umbilical cord it is the neonatologist who first touches the newborn baby. Moments after the birth you can hold the baby if it is placed on your belly. Afterwards, the newborn baby will be moved to a corner, where he or she will be weighed, measured and given an Apgar scale. After the examination you can get your baby in for longer skin-to-skin contact.

Do babies born by caesarean section look different?

When the newborn baby is in the hands of the neonatologists and nurses, in many hospitals the father can see him (e.g. through a glass window or an open door). The little ’emperor’ will be in your arms 'forever’ a little later, when the incision wound has been dressed and you have been taken to the recovery room.

  • But what a lovely reunion awaits you!
  • Most caesarean mums will admit that their newborn baby is „lovely”.
  • And not because it is their baby and it will always be beautiful for them. It is a fact that has its medical justification.

A baby that is born by natural means fights its way into the world. And it fights fiercely, with the strength of an athlete. For it squeezes through a very narrow birth canal, is subjected to strong contractions and as a result may even have minor injuries in the form of haematomas, swellings and broken capillaries, for example on the face.

In addition, he is usually born with a cone-shaped or elongated head, which had to be „shaped” in such a way as to pass through the birth canal (everything later returns to normal quite quickly). The little ’emperor’, on the other hand, has no trace of effort or fatigue on his face, his cheeks are delightfully rounded and his head has a perfectly oval shape. Nothing but admiration!


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