The Effects of CBD on the Brain and Body

The Effects of CBD on the Brain and Body

Cannabidiol, most popularly known as CBD, is one of the many compounds harvested from the sativa variant of the marijuana plant or cannabis. The refined form of Cannabidiol, CBD oil, is an effective natural remedy that treats a variety of ailments and medical symptoms while providing numerous other health benefits to the user.

When used, the oil causes a ‘high’ sensation that leaves the patient feeling euphoric but without the psychoactive effects like those of THC, another compound found in the same plant.

This quality is what makes CBD appealing to anyone seeking relief from pain and ailment symptoms without worrying about severe effects common with pharmaceutical drugs.

It is unfortunate that there is a lot of misinformation out there about CBD as a natural remedy with some brands going as far as to claim that CBD is a magic cure for everything.

If you are unsure who to trust, it would be best first to read some reviews on trusted CBD brands for testimonies of the amazing effects of this compounds from customers who have bought and used it. Here is a brief breakdown of some of the most reported impact of CBD on the body and mind.

Pain and inflammation relief

Marijuana has been used to relieve pain and inflammation from as far back as 2900 B.C. It was just recently that scientist explained that the CBD compound in marijuana buds is responsible for the pain relief effects on the body.

A report published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine in 2012 demonstrated that CBD relieves pain and suppresses chronic inflammation without causing analgesic tolerance.

This is what makes CBD oil one of today’s most recommended natural remedies for conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Reducing anxiety and depression

CBD has been proven to reduce anxiety and combat depression in patients suffering from various mental health and social anxiety disorders. Today, CBD oil is becoming a go-to remedy for related conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorders, and post-traumatic stress disorders among others.

Relief from cancer-related symptoms

Another personal effect of CBD on the brain is relief from cancer and cancer treatment-related symptoms such as nausea, lack of appetite, apnea, and insomnia.

While more research is needed to assess its efficacy, the antiproliferative and pro-apoptotic effects of CBD on the body may inhibit the migration, invasion, and adhesion of cancer cells in the body.

If you have heard that CBD oil treats cancer, chances are these are the effects to which were being referred.

Neuroprotective and anti-oxidant properties

CBD is a promising natural treatment for neurological disorders such as seizures and other signaling systems in the brain. This compound has protective effects on the cardiovascular system and can repair vascular damage caused by high levels of glucose.

Its anti-oxidant property is responsible for restoring the body’s general health and biological functions. The bottom line is, CBD has therapeutic effects on the body, the heart, and the mind.

The effects of CBD oil on the body and mind have been adversely documented, and research into its use as a natural treatment is ongoing. You can read 5 more amazing natural benefits of CBD if you would like to know what other positive effects it has on the human body and mind.