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Overall Rates

Rates for selected birth defects

pdf-2962486 Diaphragmatic Hernia: 43% of babies with posterolateral diaphragmatic defects have other structural defects; heart defects occur in 26% of these infants. Only 29% of those with additional birth defects survive to age 1; whereas 55% of liveborn babies with isolated diaphragmatic hernia are alive at 1 year.

pdf-2962486 Neural Tube Defects: Hispanics have 50% higher risk for all NTD subtypes than Whites. Parents’ ages do not affect risks, but anencephaly is more common in babies born to women who have previously given birth.

pdf-2962486 Teen Mothers: Compared to mothers 25-29, teen mothers have an 11% higher birth defects risk. Teens are at higher risk for birth defects involving nearly every organ system but major heart defects.