How Is Medical Cannabis Administered?

By Smoking It

Withing this category there are multiple different methods of smoking the marijuana plant or a concentrate of the plant.

  • Hand Pipes – Smoking pipes made for smoking your medical cannabis. They draw smoke to filter through water.
  • Rolling Papers – Used to roll a joint (marijuana cigarette).
  • Homemade – Bongs and pipes constructed from every day objects found around the house

Vaporize It

This is the method of heating the plant to just the right temperature that vaporizes the psychoactive compounds. This helps to avoid the irritating toxins that come from smoking the flower. I recommend that you try a volcano vaporizer. A friend of mine owns one and I have come to like it quite a bit. It’s pretty cool to use, making it easy to share with friends once set up.

Oral Application

Oils – A version of cannabis that can be consumed by vaporization, smoking, or by ingestion. One example would be a wax pen. This is a pen that has a coil inside where you place the wax and it heats it up and vaporizes the material for the user to inhale. I am a personal fan of the wax pen because it provides discreet and quick application. It can be vital for when you need quick application at an unexpected time.

Edibles – I don’t even know where to start when talking about edibles. They are one of my more commonly chosen methods of cannabis consumption. When it comes to edibles, the THC in cannabis gets infused into a substance, such as butter, and is then used to cook with. In other words, marijuana butter, which can then be made into delicious pastries and what not.

Drinks – An example would be a THC-infused soda that provides a quick delivery method.

Topical Applications

This is also a very interesting example of consumption in which the user applies the medicine directly to the skin or tissue and allows it to absorb in for direct application.

Don’t Forget! It is important to remember to try to take a proper dosage for yourself when using any method that involves the consumption of THC. If you take to much, it might cause you to experience negative psychoactive effects such as paranoia, anxiety, dizziness, and other conditions. You don’t want a “bad trip”, trust me. That is where you take more than your body is ready to handle and therefore undergo a variety of negative psychoactive effects like those previously mentioned. It can happen, but you need to remember that it’s all mental, as in it’s all in your head. You cannot overdose and die from cannabis. Remember that the next time that you’re having a nasty experience. Dosing varies from person to person, as in no two people have the same max-out point.