Serving the Public: Program Activities

title_spd_program-2127921 Discovering birth defects causes…the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program’s mandate is simple but comprehensive: determine what is and isn’t causing birth defects. Our multi-faceted approach to finding causes includes:

bullet-4805582 Tracking rates and trends with our registry, a database of medical and demographic information on over 4.6 million births. Monitoring the “big picture“ identifies high-risk groups and generates clues about possible risk and protective factors.
bullet-4805582 Responding to public concerns by investigating birth defects clusters or targeting surveillance around sites of environmental concern. With these tools, we can detect “sledgehammers”—very potent birth defects causes.
bullet-4805582 Conducting research and interview studies to test promising hypotheses. Because most causes are extremely subtle, they must be teased out in these large-scale studies focusing on particular birth defects or environmental exposures. Often, biologic or genetic testing augments interview data.

PLEDGE to protect confidentiality We honor our moral and legal obligation to protect and keep confidential all information that could potentially identify children or their families. Read about the Program’s extensive protocols to safeguard privacy and confidentiality.

pdf_logo-2641639Confidentiality Requirements and Procedures