The Solution is Research: Discovering Causes



The mission of the California Birth Defects Monitoring Program is to find causes of birth defects. We use a multifaceted approach to generate and test ideas about potential causes:

bullet-3925151 Tracking rates and trends with our registry, a database of medical and demographic information on over 118,000 children with birth defects. Monitoring the big picture identifies high-risk groups and suggests clues about possible risk and protective factors. The registry also identifies cases for research studies.
bullet-3925151 Conducting research to test promising hypotheses. Because most causes are extremely subtle, they must be teased out in large-scale studies focusing on particular birth defects or environmental exposures. Often, biologic or genetic testing augments our interviews with mothers.
bullet-3925151 Collaborating with scientists around the world to conduct comprehensive studies, share ideas and findings.
bullet-3925151 Responding to public concerns by investigating birth defects clusters or targeting surveillance around sites of environmental concern. Investigations can yield clues to test in larger studies.