What Is Medical Cannabis – CBD?

Medical Cannabis , also known as medical marijuana, is a term referring to the use of cannabis in the treatment of medical conditions or ailments instead of recreational purposes.

More specifically, medical cannabis can refer to the whole unprocessed flower, or the active chemical agents in marijuana, known as cannabinoids, being used for treatment. The two most known to the general public are THC (Tetrahydrocannibinal), and CBD (abbreviation for cannabidiol), which is the medicinal compound found in cannabis that produces the healing effects without the psychoactive effect produced by THC the CBDs can be extracted from the plant and infused with other products to create an easy method of intaking the CBDs. This allows a patient to get treatment without achieving a “high” and it can even be delicious too, especially if you’re like me and love brownies! There are hundreds of Medical Cannabis infused products. so even the most pickiest customers can be appeased. This being said, medical cannabis has been proven to be an important method of healing in the every day lives of people all over the world.

What Can Medical Cannabis Treat?

Many states are waking up and seeing the reality that medical cannabis is a new, more effective medical treatment era on the horizon. Currently 23 states including the District of Columbia have and are passing laws that allow the use of medical cannabis. It has been found to help treat numerous conditions and it can help with a variety of ailments, many of which significantly impact every day life. The list of those conditions treatable with marijuana falls too the floor, which shows just how valuable of a resource it truly is. Some of the more commonly treated conditions are Arthritis, Glaucoma, Appetite Loss, Depression, and Multiple Sclerosis.

It is important to be knowledgeable about the difference between using cannabis to achieve a high, and using it to treat a legitimate condition. Some studies from the National Institute on Drug Abuse have found that cannabis abuse, especially among teenagers, can be detrimental. This having been stated, remember that this is NOT what using it for medical purposes is about. Medical use means using it to treat a medical condition.

This is why there is much confusion about cannabis, because many people are uneducated or even just plain ignorant about the true nature of cannabis. They hear the word marijuana and automatically associate it with the negative persona that popular culture has tried to portray it with. PLEASE DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE. Get your facts straight and take my advice into consideration that medical cannabis IS good for the average person who is suffering in some way or another. If that person is you. then maybe you should give it a try. It’s really up to individual personal preference.